Top Spring Time HVAC Tips For Your Home

Published on March 25, 2021

Are your HVAC units ready for spring? Okay, so that may seem like a double ended question. After all, Florida is pretty hot and humid most of the year and winter is like a temporary respite, but there are some things we need to do and springtime is the time to do it. Preparing your HVAC units for the warmer temperatures that are inevitable can help extend the life of your precious system.

The Time Is Spring

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Consequently, spring is the best time to clean your HVAC to eliminate all the dust, dirt and particles that were piled up during the winter months, and that is pretty standard throughout the US, but Florida also has the same issues and of course heavier than normal pollen counts. It makes sense to get your maintenance done when its cooler too. A well-maintained HVAC can help save you money in the long run and it can make your system perform efficiently with less energy and stress on your system.

Having an HVAC system at home is considered one of the best investments any homeowner should have in Florida, let’s face it you can’t live here without it. Heat ventilating air conditioning, commonly known as HVAC, helps regulate the temperature. It is mainly responsible for improving the quality of air that circulates in your home and now more than ever, air quality and safety is paramount. Overall, it makes your home living experience better and comfortable.

Spring HVAC Tips For Your Air Conditioning System

Here are some spring cleaning tips you can follow in cleaning and maintaining your HVAC during this warm season.

1. Install a thermostat

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Installing a modern thermostat can decrease the costs of your energy at home. Your thermostat should be installed by an HVAC technician who will know the most effective placement for the unit in order to work optimally.

2. Always keep your windows closed

One of the best money saving HVAC tips are your windows. When windows are open, the warm air can easily get into your homes. Thus, it could affect your household’s temperature. Yes, people in Orlando and the surrounding towns often open windows and wonder why the power bill is so high. This simple tip is a real money saver for you. The heat that seeped through your interior will cut down the efficiency of your HVAC unit. When this happens, your HVAC continues to perform more than usual. Higher HVAC performance can lead to higher energy costs on your part. Close the windows.

Furthermore, an added advantage is that, keeping your windows closed can prevent allergens from entering your homes. You need to be aware of the harmful effects of these allergens, as they can pose health risks and make the standard of your living miserable. The members of your family who are allergic or suffering from asthma are susceptible to such risks when your indoor air quality at home is compromised.

3. Change your filters

Changing filters every season can give a great impact on your household, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Filters with much-accumulated dust can lessen the efficiency of your unit.  When filters of your HVAC are cleaned, you will be allowing your home to breathe more efficiently. Think of lungs, this analogy can help you to understand the importance of keeping the filters changed and cleaned. You would not want your lungs filled with pathogens and dirt.

Therefore, it is recommended to at least change your filters once a month. If in any case that you have washable filters, you can wash them monthly. Frequently changing your air filters can make your HVAC system last longer and perform more efficiently.

4. Check if there are leaks in your HVAC

Scan the duct work of your HVAC. The duct in your system includes the metals and tubes which are responsible for ventilation and cooling.

If there are leaks or holes in these tubes, it can affect the air in your homes that will make your household uncomfortable. To prevent this from happening, seal any holes or cracks you can find.

5. Clear any blockage in your drainage holes

Your HVAC unit is not only responsible for making your home cool, but it also regulates the level of humidity. The excess moisture runs through the drain holes. The drain hole is in the base of the HVAC cabinet.

When the drain hole is clogged, excess water will not drain, which in turn can lead to overflow and the growth of molds. To clear the blockage, use a pump to drain any material or excess water. If there is debris in your unit such as leaves, make sure to remove them as well.

6. Try out your air-conditioner

In preparation for the warmer days that summer brings, it is suggested to turn on your unit and check if there are issues in cooling or ventilation. Then you can take action and replace your unit for a more modern efficient one. Spring is also a great time to get a great deal on a new HVAC system. One of the reasons that your system might not be cooling could be as simple as the refrigerant and you need an HVAC technician to identify this problem and rectify it.

7. Schedule an HVAC maintenance

Charging a residential heat pump system with refrigerant
Charging a residential heat pump system with refrigerant

Contact Armstrong, your service provider to check your HVAC unit. Even if you already do the cleaning and changing of filters on your own from time to time, some duct cleaning tricks might not do all the work. In such cases, it is best to schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician.

The Best Of The HVAC Tips – Contact Armstrong!

Air conditioning experts like us at Armstrong Air and heating will conduct a detailed and thorough check of your unit to ensure that no parts will be left behind. We recommend scheduling regular maintenance as one of your spring cleaning tasks to prevent any future problems with your HVAC.

One of the things you do not want to happen during spring is your HVAC system failing on you. This is not something you want to happen in central Florida. Everyone knows how stressful that will be, therefore take your comfort and health seriously. With Armstrong Air and Heating, you can expect that your comfort is our priority, and we will do our best to ensure you remain Cool when it’s needed most.

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Top Spring Time HVAC Tips For Your Home
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