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Published on September 20, 2017

In the 1930s the E.R. Spitzer Ford Dealership built an addition to the Dike Brothers building. According to historical society records, the Dike building has since been razed. Spitzer owned the building into the late 1960s.

Today, Spitzer’s nameplate and the building’s large display windows have been covered with wood but the brick diamond near the building’s peak remains as a defining feature.

The building — which has served purposes as diverse as photo studio, butcher shop, store and now restaurant — has proved adaptable to cultural and commercial changes in Osceola over the course of the last century.

According to Zheng, members of the Osceola Historical Society visited the restaurant and asked if she and her family would like to participate in River Rails and Trails Days.

Her daughters came up with the idea for a Marshmallow Chopstick Challenge. The challenge is to move as many marshmallows as one can from one bowl to another placed several paces away in one minute — using chopsticks.

“A lot of people came to try it,” said Zheng of the game, which was played throughout the day in small groups. “First we taught them how to use chopsticks. They had a little time to practice and then we started the game.”

At the day’s end they awarded overall prizes of a free t-shirt and $10 gift card. (The t-shirt, which is also available at the restaurant and website, also functions as a 5 percent off coupon each time a customer wears it to Lucky Panda.)

Zheng credited her daughters with inventing and organizing the challenge, and her friend Jen Luhrs with helping.

“They worked on it for more than a month,” she said. “Shakira (Zheng’s younger daughter) mostly organized it. She worked pretty hard.”

Zheng was pleased with the turnout and the reception of passersby to the challenge, which left many with improved chopstick skills. In addition, of course, it honored the history of the Spitzer building and highlighted Osceola’s adaptability to a world that continues to change around the riverside village.

On – 09 Sep, 2017 By Suzanne Lindgren

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